Life at Head-Royce

The three core tenets of our mission: scholarship, citizenship, and diversity are reflected in the academic program here at Head-Royce. In each of our three divisions, 低(6年级), Middle (6-8) and Upper (9-12), we have created a developmentally appropriate program that is challenging, inspires a love of learning, and augments the many academic and interpersonal strengths our diverse student body bring to class each day.

Our department chairs work with their 教师 members to stimulate students academically by making each lesson relevant. This is done by designing projects and activities that are as experiential and hands-on as possible and by presenting current issues for examination and discussion. 每年, in kindergarten through 12th Grade, we introduce learning techniques and paths of knowledge that are deliberately built upon across subjects and in subsequent grades.

We also believe strongly in educating the whole child and each of our divisions includes service learning into the overall curriculum so our students experience their larger community, respect and understand differences, and have a solid foundation to become citizens of the world.


Scholarship Wordmark

The Head-Royce curriculum reflects the diversity, globalism, and innovation of the Bay Area. 在我们心中, we are a community of passionate educators and learners, all sharing a deep commitment to creating lifelong learners who will be prepared to lead with joy and compassion.

  • Our 教师 is world-class, bringing unique perspectives from a wide range of experiences. Their diversity of thought, coupled with their subject matter mastery, uniquely positions them to provide transformative experiences to every student across our K-12 setting.
  • We provide challenging programs and unparalleled electives in language and visual and performing arts.
  • With small class sizes, we can focus on educational excellence and social-emotional learning.


Diversity Wordmark

We believe a school community rich in diversity provides the greatest opportunity for students to learn life's lessons. We are committed to respecting, 培养, and promoting diversity and its importance in education; and development of our students and the well-being of our community.

  • Reflecting our location in Oakland, our School is socioeconomically, 种族, and ethnically diverse.
  • We are proud of our inclusive educational program and pedagogy that promotes respect for others, appreciation of individual, cultural and socioeconomic differences; and social responsibility, equity and justice.
  • We seek to develop multicultural leadership among the professional community and students.


Citizenship Wordmark

Head-Royce School believes that civic purpose is a vital part of our mission to foster in our students a lifelong commitment to constructive and responsible global citizenship. Our goal is to prepare citizen leaders who demonstrate social responsibility, an ethic of service, a deep appreciation of diversity, and a passion for democratic ideals.

  • The School offers a K-12 service-learning program, emphasizes our students' political awareness, nurtures our cornerstone and innovative partnerships and fosters global perspective in the educational program.
  • The School actively engages its students, 教师, 工作人员, 董事会, 父母, and alumni in meeting our civic purpose commitment as a school in Oakland.
  • We believe that our students' social-emotional growth is essential to their overall development as good citizens. Our program to develop social-emotional intelligence is implemented daily by classroom teachers working in small classes and in close relationship with their students.